Kelsea Ballerini and “a little bit John B”


When it comes to celebrity romances, rumors often circulate long before the couple will actually announce their relationship. This was proven true in regards to Chase Stokes, a famous “Outer Banks” actor, and country singer Kelsea Ballerini. 

Rumors were started about Stokes and Ballerini in January after they were spotted together at the College Football National Championship Game at SoFi Stadium. From then on, the couple wore disguises to cover their identities when out in public with each other. Many other small factors, like social media posts and comments, increased speculation from their followers online. 

“Kelsea Ballerini and Chase Stokes quickly became a fan-favorite couple and seem to work out very well, even despite them coming from such different careers and backgrounds,” Anna Wolfe, sophomore, said. 

It was not until March 4, when Stokes was a guest on Saturday Night Live (SNL), that their relationship was confirmed. This night became a milestone for the couple, as they were then able to publicly enjoy each other’s company. Following the interview, Stokes and Ballerini had their first ever real date. Since then, the couple appears to be very supportive, and seem to have a healthy relationship that was much needed for the both of them after their previous long-term relationships came to an end within the past two years. 

“I mean, [Ballerini] is the best (…) I am so excited for her and everything happening in her career right now,” Stokes said. 

The couple has been a conversation topic for the past few weeks, especially after spotting Stokes in the audience cheering on the country singer at her concert. At one of Ballerini’s concerts in Cleveland, Ohio, she even changed some words in her song “Love is a Cowboy”  to say “a little bit John  B,” referencing Stokes’ role as the character John B in “Outer Banks.” This spurred many reactions from the internet, because Stokes was previously dating his co-start Madelyn Cline. While the rumors began spreading around Ballerini and Stokes, the most recent “Outer Banks” season was released, which exaggerated the situation even more. 

“Chase Stokes and Madelyn Cline were seen as a star couple who several fans from Outer Banks loved, and they were shocked to see the decline of their relationship. [His] interest in Kelsea Ballerini and their realtionship [left] many upset,” Maddie Mascuch, junior, said. 

As suspected, rumors became reality, and Stokes and Ballerini have won the hearts of the public and the press. Stokes has even been seen in the audience at many of Ballerini’s concerts while on the rest of her tour.