Gender equality: NCAA edition

Grace Hedlund

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Imagine falling in love with a sport or activity and being penalized, degraded, or shamed because of something out of one’s control.  Although gender imbalances have decreased over the years, the fight for total equality is not over 

significant gender injustice arose recently when a member of a basketball team competing in the NCAA Division I Women’s Championships posted a picture showing the difference between the men’s and women’s weight rooms. The men’s room showed a large space full of equipment, while the women’s consisted of a small dumbbell rack and yoga mats 

I think that it is totally unfair and is disrespectful to female athletes. As a female athlete, I know that we do put in our best effort, long and early practice hours, and do a lot of the same things males do to work out, Katie Shay, freshman, said. 

Sports funding is a long-standing gender equality issue. The ratio has improved largely over time but is yet to be equal. An example of this would be when men’s teams receive more elaborate meals and gifts. The men’s team received a variety of products in a gifted swag bag for participation in the NCAA tournament, while the women’s team was given a t-shirt, umbrella, and body wash. 

About 42 percent of Division I college and university athletic funding is channeled to men’s sports and 21 percent to women’s — the NCAA considers about 36 percent of the money unallocated or coed,” Jeremy Bauer-Wolfeducation reporter, said.  

In sports, women’s games have been stereotyped as not as exciting. Even at Etowah there are significantly smaller crowds at girls’ games.  

I believe it [women’s games being stereotyped] is unfair, but at the same time, the rules put in place in the game itself make the game less exciting. No disrespect to their hard work on and off the field,” Carson Reeder, senior, said. 

Gender inequality has been an issue throughout sports history. Recognizing imbalance will help close the gender gap in sports completely. Although the process may take a while, the fight for equality continues