Letter to juul users

Dear Student Body:

Pee < Juul. Or it at least it seems that way. People think it’s really cool to vape in the bathrooms with their friends. Most people go to the bathroom to vape instead of using it for its intended purpose. Some people (like me) just want to use the bathroom in peace, so walking through ten different people who are juuling is not fun. It is very awkward for most people to use the bathroom when they know that ten people are outside of the stall eavesdropping.

Juuling is bad for people’s health. It is now an epidemic. “1 Juul Pod equals 20 Cigarettes,” according to Truth. On Truth there are facts upon facts of how bad vaping is. They are here to talk about how bad vaping and smoking is. When someone vapes, “you take in nicotine which can damage your blood vessels.” Further vaping “weakens your Immune System”. We all know how bad smoking cigarettes is, but vaping is four times more likely to lead you to smoke cigarettes. People see these commercials on the tv and ads from YouTube, but no one takes the time to actually look at the website.

You may think it is cool to vape with your friends, but later you will regret these choices. You will most likely resort to smoking cigarettes which could cause you to get lung cancer — and with your immune system weakened it is more probable. You may think that your vape is healthy because it does not include tobacco, but the real problem is the nicotine. Nicotine is a highly addictive drug.  “E-Cigarettes are smoke-free and Tobacco-free, but not all are nicotine-free even though some claim to be.”  Getting an addiction to these is really bad for you. People even had vaped in their pockets explode. That is not going to be fun to have a burn on your leg for something that can make life bad for you already.

Now you should know that what you are doing to your body is bad. This is all just to be cool with your friends. If you have to ruin your body just to fit in with your friends, then you need better friends. It is just a way to put yourself in the social status. Think before you do something for your friends. Do not think about the of what is happening now and how it affects your status. Think about the future and your health. Is this worth risking your life? Please take this into consideration. Look at the website www.thetruth.com for more info on this.


Alex Furman


About the author

I’m a sophomore at EHS.  I wrote this piece because I’m tired of having to walk through crowds of people vaping in the bathroom. When I’m not at school, I’m playing in my band and petting my cats.