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Alyssa Pearson

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Halfway there
January 26, 2022

Walking in circles may seem fruitless, but when raising money for the American Cancer Society (ACS) is involved, the walk is worth the reward. Every lap at Relay for Life helped the ACS and its research. 

“I think Relay for Life is really awesome because it helps bring awareness to cancer, and it helps bring our school together in helping to raise money,” Taylor McDonald, freshman, said. 

The 14th Relay for Life was held on Friday, April 26 at E.T. Booth Middle School. This was the first time Relay for Life has been held at a middle school. History teacher Rebecca Schwarz spearheaded Etowah’s Relay for Life effort. 

“Because it is at a middle school, they are looking at their neighboring high school, which is us, to provide mostly volunteers and helping prepare for the night,” Schwartz said. 

In March, Etowah High School held another fundraiser by selling March Madness Brackets. Students and teachers bought single brackets for $3 or two brackets for $5. Buying a bracket allowed the purchaser to access a link where one can fill out the brackets online. The winner won a t-shirt. 

Being a volunteer was a lot of fun. I enjoyed helping out with the brackets,” Kui Ikuru, senior, said. 

Another way Relay for Life raised money for the event was selling shirts. Students and teachers could buy a Relay for Life shirt for $15 or get a shirt with a Team Sponsorship for $50. A Team Sponsorship is a way to memorialize or remember friends or loved ones by putting their names on the back of the shirt to honor them. 

“I wasn’t able to attend the event, so I was thrilled I could show my support by getting a t-shirt to honor my loved ones—those who survived cancer, and those who didn’t,” Marsha Loversky, English teacher, said. 

The Relay for Life carnival had many activities from cake walks to face paintings. There was also a designated time for cancer survivors and their stories. 

“My favorite part was just being there and being able to hear the stories of survivors of cancer and how they overcame so much to where they are today,” Nolan Silverman, sophomore, said. 

Without the support of the Etowah community, this event would not have been able to happen. Thank you to those who contributed to making this year’s Relay for Life a reality.