Freshman fears to senior sayonaras


You stepped off the bus and into the courtyard. “Jordan Belfort” is blasting through your earbuds, in both of your ears, your ball cap precariously perched atop your head as you walk past someone who you thought was a teacher but is actually a student. Girls and their Piko dress and guys with their “flows” wait with anticipation for the first bell to signal their first day of high school has officially begun. From a new logo change to a new principal, Etowah has grown over the past four years, and its students have grown with it.  

“I’ve learned how to better interact with people socially,” Antonio Deleo-Perrara, senior, said.  

These past four years have gone by slowly, yet quickly all at the same time. Change is never realized while in progress, and looking back on these past four years, seniors are amazed by how much they have grown.  

“As a freshman, you take everything personally and react to everything that happens. But as a senior, you realize that what people think doesn’t really matter as long as you are confident in yourself,” Jennifer Hernandez, senior, said.  

While the students have changed, Etowah has, too. What was once the Etowah with Freshman Friday, two earbuds in while walking to class, and former principal Keith Ball high fiving and fist bumping students has evolved into Cross Campus Release, only one earbud, all under the supervision of new principal Robert Horn.  

“For me, it [changing principals] didn’t affect me as much, but a lot changed. We got CCR bell and dress code was enforced more for a little bit, and then teachers gave up. To me, it seemed there was more fight because of the rules being stricter and enforced more,” Andrew Keenan, senior, said. 

Etowah has gone through many ups and downs. From the devastating loss of Harambe, to the tragic death of Vine, these, what seem like recent memories, are more distant than they seem.  

“The death of Vine, although tragic, paved the way for Youtube Vine compilations. Those are epic,” Ella Stewart, senior, said.  

But let us not forget the good times we have had at Etowah: from the basketball games to the pep rallies; the powderpuff matches to the Mr. EHS pageant; from the baseball team winning state, to the football team beating Woodstock. What may seem now as minute accomplishments, will be looked back upon with gaze and admiration for the time spent as students last four years of school.