Tale as old as time


Spring time brings many things: rain, flowers, the stress of finals looming over students, and of course the annual spring musical from Etowah’s drama department. This year’s rendition of Beauty and the Beast transformed the auditorium into a provincial French village.

Preparations for the musical started late last semester. Prospective actors auditioned for the musical last semester, and they have been practicing since January. The casts’ schedules were filled with practices for four months, all to put together the final show.

While the cast spent a lot of time preparing for the show, they did not get tired of each other, as they are generally friends outside of the drama department, as well.

“The fact that we are so close made it easier to show real chemistry on the stage,” Robby Hogsten, junior who played Lumière, said.

Most people in the audience were already familiar with the story of Beauty and the Beast, but there were a few new songs the cast performed to revamp the show and make it unique. The audience clapped and cheered song after song.

“It was really good. My favorite part of the musical is when they did the dinner,” Jordyn Bronner, junior, said.

After months of preparation, nerves, and final touches, the drama department put on a show unlike any other, and members of the Etowah community came to show their support for the team of thespians.