Back to the future


One Direction. Big Time Rush. The Jonas Brothers. All were household names for many girls and guys alike during the early 2000s, and some of these groups are coming back to the music industry for a sentimental return. With the release of the Jonas Brothers new single titled “Sucker,” fans worldwide embraced the return of the band, and many people speculate the return of other artists from years past. 

“It is exciting to see that new bands are coming back, [although] I’m not sure of any bands I’m looking forward to come back any time soon,” Jack Elsea, freshman, said. 

Along with the Jonas Brothers, the popular duo Aly & AJ returned from music retirement and not only dropped a new single titled “With You,” but they also released an entire album titled “Ten Years” to accompany it. The sisters also announced a U.S. tour for the summer of 2019 labeled the Sanctuary Tour, and fans can choose three old songs for them to play along with a mix of their new ones. 

“Personally, I grew up and loved listening to Aly and AJ. I watched their movies, and it’s sort of like the reunion of the Jonas Brothers, but they aren’t getting nearly as much recognition where I think they should,” Gabriella Gibson, junior, said. 

With some of the most iconic comebacks in modern music history this year, many are looking toward their favorite artists from their childhood to make a resurgence. Fans of One Direction, who now devote their time to the careers of each of the individual members of the former boys’ band, are still waiting for the band to end its hiatus. After calling it quits in 2016, One Direction promised to reunite after some time apart although no clear date has been set for its return. 

“Yes [I would like if they came back], I like One Direction, and I would definitely support them,” Haley Price, senior, said. 

Although not all fan can be satisfied by the return of their favorite bands, it is safe to say that the recent revival of many former artists has sparked hope in those nostalgic for music from their past.