Fresh beats from Fresh Burros


While the internet has celebrated and welcomed the long-awaited return of the Jonas Brothers, Etowah students have been getting excited about music drops from up-and-coming Soundcloud account, Fresh Burros.  

Cole Scott, sophomore, runs the account. Scott and his friends, who also attend Etowah, get together to write and produce music together. Lyrics include spoofs, jokes about Etowah’s rules, and Spanish translations of popular rap songs.  

“We just like rapping and messing around with each other so we combined the two,” Connor Fisher, sophomore and member of the group that helped produce the first album, said. 

The first album, which featured the voices of sophomores Scott and Fisher along with Max Woolford, Philip Cooper, and Jazon Cole, was released in December 2018. After the positive reactions from listeners, Scott decided to continue making new songs. 

“I dropped Columbus Day Vibes a little bit ago. It was a massive hit,” Scott said.  

Most music is centered around and released in honor of specific holidays. As for what is planned for the future, Scott is unsure of what he wants to do next but has a few ideas. 

“I think we are dropping a Ramadan album soon, but it’s in the works,” Scott said. 

Be on the lookout for fresh beats from Fresh Burros coming soon on Soundcloud.