Priceless or pricey memories?


Look through nearly any high school girls’ Instagram, and you will find that they are trying to sell their old prom dresses.  Listen to the conversations in the cafeteria about booking the best limousines, or where the best restaurant for a fancy pre-prom dinner is. All of your friends are most likely scrambling to get a group together for prom and find a date to the dance. With all the confusion involved in prom planning, life can get intense, so here are some tips to keep your prom experience budget-friendly. 

“I think you don’t have to go too crazy with money, but it all depends on who you’re going with,” Gabriella Gibson, junior, said. 

Now that the date for prom has officially been set for Apr. 20, and the Egyptian room at the Fox has been rented out for Etowah, prom anxiety has only heightened. One of the biggest things that girls stress about while preparing for prom is their makeup. Although many students would love to have a personal assistant to take care of their hair and face daily, that is a luxury mostly restricted to millionaire A-listers. Instead of paying hundreds to get their makeup done to last a couple of hours, girls can visit local cosmetology schools. Students at these schools do hair and makeup on an almost professional level for much cheaper than an actual salon. Some local schools include Advanced Cosmetology Barbering and State Board Prep and Paul Mitchell The School Esani. 

“[I’m saving money] by having friends do my hair and makeup and stuff instead of paying someone else to do it,” Kimberly Pallas, senior, said. 

The most important part of prom for many girls is their outfit, which includes shoes, accessories, and the dress. Prom dresses can be costly, ranging from as low as $100 dollars to as high as $800 dollars to be worn for one night. If you are not looking to damage your bank account, check consignment and thrift stores as well as online shops like Etsy before shopping at more popular stores. Renting dresses instead of buying them is also a big help if you are trying to save money. 

“My dress was on clearance, but we got tickets last minute so that was pricey. It was fun enough to be worth it, and it can be as expensive or cheap as you make it,” Sophia Younts, sophomore, said. 

As for food and transportation, everyone is different. Some students at Etowah enjoy getting dressed up to go to a fancy dinner beforehand, but if you are looking to save money and still eat a good meal, there are plenty of suitable restaurants that will not charge you $50 for a hamburger. Another option would be enjoying a meal at home with your friends or your date, which can save money and reduce the stress of finding a place to eat at on a busy Saturday night. 

“Last year I didn’t really care about saving money, but this year I’m definitely saving money since I have already experienced a full-on prom. I bought my dress online which was slightly cheaper, and dinner is probably going to be affordable,” Mckenna Casquejo, senior, said. 

Whether you plan on saving your cash or going all out on your special night, make prom 2019 a night that comes with lots of memories, not a hefty price tag. Tickets starts at $75 and can be found here.