Valentine’s Day, couples edition

Valentine's Day, couples edition

February. The month of collecting Ghirardelli chocolate, receiving ginormous teddy bears, and going out for a fancy dinner. Across the Etowah campus, there are inseparable couples who have exciting dates planned for  Valentine’s Day.  

“I love Valentine’s Day because I like chocolate and roses,” Zoey Zucker, junior, said.  

The holiday can be used as an excuse to get spoiled and presented with fun gifts from the person they love. Some couples take Valentine’s Day seriously and plan extravagant dates, while others think of it as just another day to be thankful for their significant other. 

“I love Valentine’s Day solely for the purpose of getting to appreciate my boyfriend and spend time with him,” Amanda Buchheit, sophomore, said. 

Valentine’s Day has the reputation of being the day for couples to show their affection. Many couples have casual plans to go out to eat and spend time together. 

“Peyton and I wanted to do something casual and spend the night together by eating and chilling at her house,” Sam Lefever, sophomore, said.  

Some couples who have been together longer than others like to do something a little bit fancier to celebrate their abiding relationship. 

“For Valentine’s Day, I love to spoil my girl. I am planning on taking her to a nice dinner in Atlanta and having a surprise for her,” Jude Sprecher, senior, said. 

Buy your chocolates and jumbo teddy bears before they are sold out. Valentine’s Day is almost here.