February break dates confirmed

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Kat Kochansky

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Junior: Blaine Steiner
August 22, 2019
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February break dates confirmed

Snow days are all fun and games until somebody loses his break. As of Jan. 31, however, it was officially announced that all Cherokee County students and teachers will be allowed the full week for February break. 

“Due to a mild winter so far, resulting in the need to close schools for only one full day, coupled with positive long-range forecasts, all CCSD schools will be closed Monday, Feb. 18, through Friday, Feb. 22, 2019 for the student holiday,” Barbara Jacoby, chief communications officer for Cherokee County schools, said. 

In past years, prior snow days resulted in schools staying open for make-up days over February break. Vacations and plans had to be cancelled causing frustration for some students and parents. 

“I’m extremely excited that we have a full break as opposed to half a week,” Logan Chenault, senior, said. 

As a result of only one day off for inclement weather, students will be allowed their full week. Next year, with the use of Canvas digital learning, students will be able to virtually make up missed days. 

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