Sure, Christmas and the holidays are a time to spend with family and friends, reflect on the past year, and show gratitude for others by giving them gifts. However, it is starting to feel like the real highlight comes after the New Year: flexing season. 

No, I do not mean the kind of flexing that workout pages on Instagram do. I mean showing off any and all expensive items you own. Here at Etowah, there are a few common themes among the gifts that students received for the holidays, and all of these gifts are being flexed right now.  

Personally, my family is not the flexing type. Sure, we receive nice things, but my mom prefers practical gifts. Among those, deodorant, which sent a passive aggressive  message about how my parents feel about me. I get it, Mom; I smell. I gladly received hygiene products though because my family for the entire month of November counts all purchases as Christmas gifts. Need shampoo or new glasses? That will have to count toward Christmas. 

Similar to my family, other students also received practical gifts. Among the most popular were Apple AirPods. You probably already own a nice pair of earbuds, but it is obviously much more logical to drop $150 on Bluetooth toothbrush heads to put in your ears. Do not worry if you lose one, it will only cost $70 to replace.  

Another popular gift this year was a luxury car. Some students received a BMW or Mercedes because new drivers need new cars, right? I am thrilled for those with Christmas cars. For anyone out there who got a really expensive one, I really need a ride home today.  Do you think you could scoop?  

Maybe I am merely bitter about the lack of excitement that comes with gift-giving in my household, but every family is different. For those of you with families similar to mine, stay strong brave soldier. Do not let the barrage of Apple Products, logos, and social media posts bring you down.