Switching Stress


Having a difficult class can be stressful, but switching classes mid-semester has the potential of being even more of a burden. There is a lot to consider before changing a class. New teachers, extra work, and different learning styles intimidate students into not switching.

“It [switching classes] was too complicated, and I ran out of time. I was afraid of getting a teacher who wouldn’t be as good as the honors teacher I had,” Emilie Dudgeon, sophomore, said.

A schedule change could mean unfamiliar teachers and new people. Entering a class and not having any friends is scary. However, changing classes could help someone who is struggling in honors or AP classes.

“[If I switched classes], I would feel nervous and excited to meet new people,” Rowan Drake, freshman, said.

Changing classes allows students to enter courses where they can better understand the information they are taught. Depending on what classes are being switched, extra work could be required to catch up in the new class.

“If they’re used to one teacher’s teaching style, they may have difficulty adjusting to the new teacher,” Marsha Loversky, Honors Advanced Composition teacher, said.

Anyone thinking about switching classes should remember to focus on themselves. They should decide whether switching classes will help them better academically or socially.