Ending the year on a high note

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Alina Frederick

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May 10, 2019
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Ending the year on a high note

As Etowah prepares for winter break, the chorus rang in the Christmas spirit by performing the annual winter chorus concert. This semester, the whole chorus has been practicing and learning new vocals to showcase for the school. William Hall, chorus teacher, worked diligently to make sure the concert ran smoothly. 

“We have been using every minute we can to make this as perfect as it can be,” Hall said. 

The seniors performed the winter chorus concert for their last time. After hours of rehearsing each year, it all paid off in the end. The seniors were encouraged to give it their all before their final semester of high school. 

“It feels bittersweet. I have always felt that the winter concert captured and made me feel youthful and excited. Entering the atmosphere one last time was such a valuable experience,” Katherine Tilton, senior, said. 

The class has been building up to this important performance by practicing on their imperfections continuously since the first concert of the year. One of the strategies they took on is practicing in sections to make sure each group has perfected and balanced each song.  

“We have been working hard to perfect this since our first [concert] in October,” Branan Cali, freshman, said. 

This was the ninth year that Etowah’s singers performed the winter chorus concert. Each year, Hall incorporates something new to increase the theatrics of the concert. This year, he included multiple solos and added drums to the harmony.  

“My inspiration was to bring in the traditional songs that we have always used but add in some new things in order to make it even better than the year before,” Hall said. 

The concert on Dec. 10 rang in winter and the holidays at Etowah. This year’s chorus performance ended the semester on a high note.

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