Jacket racket

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Madeline Fisher

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May 13, 2019
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Jacket racket

It is in movies, on TV, and is a staple in almost every high schooler’s closet. The letterman jacket is more than a snazzy coat; it is something that is earned through hard work. While some like the idea of owning the traditional jacket, others do not see the point in shelling out the $200-300 to only wear it for four years, maybe even less.  

“I don’t have a letterman yet, but [I am] in the process of ordering one, but they are kind of expensive,” Ashtyn Pribbenow, sophomore, said.  

The lettermen jackets showcase awards and achievements students received throughout high school. At Etowah, students have the opportunity to letter in academics, athletics, and community service, earning letters can display on their jacket along with other patches such as: graduation year, state competition patches, and scholar athlete patches.  

“I like the way they look and think they are so cute,” Addie Szymanski, freshman, said.  

It is rarely the case that a student buys a letterman jacket before receiving a letter. Most freshmen do not letter until their sophomore or junior year of high school, leaving only two of three more winters for the jacket to be used. This may seem like a downside to those who are stressing out about spending the money.  

“Letterman jackets are a little on the pricey side. I believed that if they were cheaper, they would be worn more,” Patrick Kinsella, junior, said.  

Whether students buy a letterman to stay warm for winter or skip the jacket to save their bank account, the traditional high school jacket lives on at Etowah. Anyone interested in purchasing a letterman jacket can still order through Herff Jones or Creative Awards.  

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