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New year, new trends

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Riley Corona

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Banding together
December 19, 2018
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New year, new trends

Entering high school, students might find themselves either racing to catch up or falling behind with the newest styles. High school students surround themselves in friend groups with similar styles, whether they notice it or not.    

“When I walk in the halls, I realize a lot of people have similar styles to their friend groups,” Sadie Brooks, freshman, said. 

Social media is a huge part of everyday life among high schoolers, and people are always trying to stay in the know about the newest updates to their favorite apps. There is an Instagram craze with people selling presets to make their feed “picture perfect.” 

“I like using my Instagram to be creative, and I post things that make me happy and are important to me. I enjoy editing my pictures to make my feed match because it looks aesthetically pleasing and it’s just fun,” Madeline Carver, junior, said. 

YouTube also stays trending in the social media world. Students spend hours watching their favorite Youtubers who are heavily influencing making a heavy influence on their lives. 

“There are so many different channels to watch on Youtube like Leafyishere and H3H3 Productions,” Byron Harris, junior, said. 

In the new generation, Netflix is popular for students to watch their favorite shows on demand. People went crazy over this year’s new movies, “The Kissing Booth” and “To all the Boys I Loved Before.” Since the release of their new movies, Jacob Elordi and Noah Centineo have become social media sensations. Debby Ryan also had a comeback in her new Netflix original series “Insatiable.” 

“I watched both of those movies five times, and I already finished the first season of ‘Insatiable.’ I also made Noah Centineo my lock screen on my phone,” Sarah Mahoney, sophomore, said. 

Nineties clothes are making a comeback. Scrunchies, jean skirts, tube tops, and platform shoes can be found in most girl’s closet. 

“I love to wear denim and corduroy skirts! I think this trend is super cute and flattering on everyone,” Alexis Hart, senior, said. 

Students are still wearing Vans, unisex shoes that can be dressed up or down. 

“I wear Vans all the time, they are definitely one of my favorite brands,” Tyler Freas, senior, said. 

Artists, such as Post Malone and Cherokee High School graduate, Rico Pressley, are widely popular among students. Earlier this year, students were frantic over the release of Travis Scotts new album “Astroworld.”  

“‘Astroworld’ is definitely one of my favorite albums, and I listen to it all the time,” Patrick Ridgeway, sophomore, said. 

As the trends change, students are getting ready for what is to come.

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Riley Corona, Reporter

Hi I am Riley! I am a sophomore here at Etowah. I love hanging out with friends and family. I am also a cheerleader for the Etowah JV cheer team

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New year, new trends