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Missing: Etowah’s homecoming dance

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Jazz Sturdivant

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Freshman: Chad Rojas
December 19, 2018
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Missing: Etowah’s homecoming dance

Homecoming is the time of the year where students, teachers, and staff all come together to embrace school spirit. Traditionally, the week is associated with school spirit, the football game, the Homecoming dance, but not at Etowah. For the past three years, Etowah has replaced the dance with a festival.

Etowah’s last homecoming dance was in 2015. The Student Government Association (SGA) made the decision to switch from a dance to a festival due to a declining attendance. SGA and Principal Robert Horn looked at the data from past homecoming dances and the festival and determined that a dance was not practical.

“To make something worth the while to have people up here put resources into, to make adults come on their time off, it needs to be a substantial number,” Horn said.

Etowah clubs and local sponsors participate to make the festival more engaging. By passing out candy and hosting games, the students and teachers of Etowah feel more connected to their community. Families of Etowah staff and students can also enjoy the festivities.

“It’s a good idea because they get more involved,” Victoria Smith, sophomore, said.

Since switching to a festival, Etowah has seen an increase in attendance. One reason for the lack of participation at the dance was because students have already gone to dances at their previous schools.

“Nobody ever goes to the dances,” Thomas Simonson, senior, said.

Other students disagree. They wish they could go to more than two dances—junior and senior prom—during their high school careers.

“That’s a high school experience I want to have,” Aunya Anderson, freshman, said.

Dances may be traditional, but Etowah has its own streak of originality when it comes to homecoming. More students as well as community members are playing a part in the festival.

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Missing: Etowah’s homecoming dance