Whale, hello there

Alyssa Pearson

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Halfway there
January 26, 2022

It can be over-whale-ming that a teacher can think whales are so fin-tastic. In fact, one teacher thinks they will blow you away. Etowah’s new biology teacher, Jennifer Corbett, has a unique interest in whales.  

“They’re gentle animals. I love zoology; they’re not aggressive, and there is so much we don’t know about them,” Corbett said. 

When she first saw a humpback whale, Corbett had a connection with the animal she cannot explain.  

“My parents introduced me to whales when I was five, and I just kept my fascination with them,” Corbett said. 

Corbett’s children are fully aware of their mother’s passion though they do not share it. Although her love for the creature is whale-sized; it has not spread to her household. 

“I have a few figurines that family members have given me,” Corbett said. 

Corbett’s dream is to go to Tonga, a country located in the middle of the Pacific Ocean between Australia and the United States, where she can legally swim with her favorite whale, the humpback. Her favorite place to go whale watching is off the coast of Massachusetts because it is where she first saw a whale. 

“They’re really playful, and they played around our boat for about two hours,” Corbett said. 

Although Corbett taught at Forsyth Central High School for five years before coming here, she was already familiar with Etowah having subbed here eight years ago. 

She spends her time outside of school with her kids, whether it is on the baseball field or helping with homework.  

Etowah welcomes Corbett with open arms, or fins, and you can find her in room 2213.