Marching to the Muse-ic

Catalyst, according to, means a person or thing that precipitates an event or change. Etowah’s Marching Eagles are sparking a change in this year’s show, Catalyst. Catalyst is different than past years because all the music is recognizable.   

“I think it’s fun and vibrant and shows what the band is capable of. We love putting on shows and this theme reflects the fun nature of the band,” Lily Wardrip, junior drum major, said. 

All the music will consist of a medley from the alternative rock band, Muse. The opener has the songs “Uprising” and “Resistance.” The ballad includes “Unites States of Eurasia, and the closer is “Unsustainable” and “Knights of Cydonia.”  

“I thought it would be fun. I thought the students would enjoy it, and the community on Friday nights would enjoy it,” Stephen Long, band director, said. 

Throughout the show, the band and color guard portray being at a rock concert through cheering and visuals to excite the crowd. The minute they step onto the field, the marchers are in character, cheering and clapping. The beginning of the show includes a mosh pit around the stage where flute soloist Daytona Parks crowd surfs onto the stage.  

“It’s a lot of fun but easier than I thought,” Parks, senior, said. 

At football games, the band encourages the crowd to start cheering with them to fully immerse them in the experience of the rock concert. The games are great practice for them to prepare for their first competition on Sept. 29th at Creekview.