Pulling flags and scoring touchdowns

Alannah Hipps

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Cheers fill the stadium as the wide receiver sprints across the field, scoring a touchdown and winning the game. The Etowah Varsity Flag Football team rushes out on the turf to celebrate their victory. 

Flag football started on Oct. 7, and the last regular-season game was on Nov. 9 against Sequoyah High School. Etowah played a total of seven games with a record of 3-4, which is an improvement from their previous season’s standings.  

“The flag football team has improved from last year because of the increase in interest for the sport, allowing us to develop a better sense of community within our school and team,” Campbell Munsey, senior, said. 

The team had their senior night at a home game against River Ridge on Oct. 28, and they recognized the players and their families by giving them various gifts to show appreciation. The night became even more special when Etowah won 16-13, earning them the second victory of the season. 

“As a senior, I was completely shocked that we had a senior night. We have a small program, and it was such a treat to be celebrated and honored,” Annie Arnold, senior, said. 

The team had their first regional playoffs game against River Ridge High School on Nov. 16. Unfortunately, they lost 7-0, making it their last. Even though the season did not end as they wanted it to, the team still had a great time making lifetime memories in an uncommon sport.