Earth day every day

Hailey Weiner

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One day a year is dedicated to celebrating and recognizing the planet Earth, but when the clock strikes midnight, its importance is often forgottenEarth Day falls on April 22 and temporarily highlights the movement for sustainable living, a lifestyle that cuts down on the use of natural resourcesMaking an effort to minimize one’s environmentally damaging actions can help to improve Earth’s future.  

“We only have one Earth, and only recognizing that truth one day of the entire year is not enough to appreciate our planet and stress how important it is to take care of it,” Abby Turner, sophomore, said.  

The longer society ignores global warming, the faster Earth will fall apart. The use of fossil fuels releases toxins into the environment, damaging the Ozone layer of the atmosphere that is protecting the globe from harmful radiation. Seasons are becoming more intense, increasing the number of natural disasters and unpredictable weather. Georgia’s influx of tornadoes are an example. Driving cars that use gas and littering trash both contribute to the ecological footprint (the effect one’s decisions have on the environment) of each person.  

“Earth Day is important to me because this is our one home, and it is nice to take a day to acknowledge that and everything Earth does for us,” Kaitlyn Lewis, senior, said. 

The three Rs (reducing, reusing, and recycling) are all actions one can take to save Earth from destruction. Reusing and recycling old products help to prevent excessive spending and limit pollutants in the environment when something is converted back to basic material. While VSCO girls (a stereotype of a preppy, trendy teenage girl) were once mocked for their social media use and odd slang, many of the changes they were praising were beneficial to Earth’s various ecosystems. The well-known metal straw was a movement VSCO girls led to replace the plastic straws polluting the oceans, but the metal replacements are now becoming more popular and are aiding in marine life survival 

make an effort to use reusable items (straws, bags, etc.) and make sure I am conscious with my footprint. I especially make an effort to donating my clothes as well as buying second hand clothes,” Morgan Busbee, junior, said. 

Volunteering can reward one with both a cleaner Earth and the satisfaction of making an impactThere are various ways to volunteer and restore Earth including mass clean-ups, planting trees, and passing out informational flyers and pamphlets discussing the environmental crisis. The Nature Conservancy and EarthShare are both local volunteer services that host events promoting a green Georgia.  

“I always recycle when I can, and I also sign petitions. A petition I signed recently was to try and prevent the mining of oil in Alaska and to keep the wildlife and environment alive and healthy,” Kaili Phillips, freshman, said. 

Physical volunteer work is not the only way to help the environment; people can also donate and sign petitions from the couch. Well-known organizations, such as the World Wild Fund for Nature and the Ocean Conservancy, provide information about the climate crisis to educate their readers and contributorsThe effect of petitioning and donating may not appear as direct as picking up trash, but taking part in either activity helps successful associations take action. 

I donate to the Wildlife Conservation Society who support wildlife habitats all around the world and even undergo conservation research at various different zoos and aquariums, Daniel Pratt, science teacher, said.  

There are countless ways to improve the current environmental crisis, but even making the smallest change in one’s life, like turning an old pickle jar into a pencil holder, can have huge impact on the world and billions of living creatures