Math teacher divides her time


With high school only being four years, many students believe it flies by in a blur. With students speeding to class, and teachers rushing through lessons, it can be overwhelming at times.  One new teacher at Etowah, and soon to be mother of two, treats her students as her own children while helping them navigate the twists and turns of high school. 

Math teacher Megan Devoss teaches Algebra 2 and Geometry but is also certified in Spanish and ESOL.  Bcreating a safe space for her students and giving immediate feedback, Devoss ensures they comprehend her material 

“I really like to focus on student engagement. I think that getting student’s excited about the content and understanding their own personal interests helps them draw connections.” Devoss said.  

 As a student, Devoss looked up to teachers who motivated her to focus on school and character building. Devoss was also involved in service opportunities that allowed her to invest her time in young scholars, and she loved seeing the effect a great teacher could have. Wanting to help struggling students with the same motherly love as her teachers did, Devoss knew what she wanted to study. 

“I decided to pursue education because I think getting through adolescence is difficult and I wanted to help make it easy,” Devoss said. 

Devoss has a two- year-old son with her husband who teaches science at Woodstock High School. She enjoys paddle boarding with her family and cooking for her local church. She also enjoys working out, but due to her pregnancy, she has taken a break from exercising. Devoss uses her teaching experience to teach her son and will do the same with her daughter who is due this summer. 

“Being a mom makes me a better teacher, and being a teacher makes me a better mom because I have different interactions with my students about what they need emotionally which I can use with my own kids and vice versa.” Devoss said. 

As Devoss continues to make her students feel comfortable while teaching with passion, she continues to grow not only as a teacher, but as a mother, as well. Despite having two sets of kids in her life, she manages to inspire and teach both at the same time. Devoss can be found in room 3205 in the administration building.