A CATastrophe

A CATastrophe

Australia is on fire. ‘World War 3’ is a top Google search. The world may seem like it is falling apart, but do not fret. One force is unifying people worldwide: talking about how bad the movie “Cats” is.  

“I will give the Cats movie credit for one thingthey managed to make one of the all time stupidest musicals even stupider,” Twitter user @DesiJed said.  

With the release of the first trailer, “Cats” became viral online for its frightening digital renderings of fur, tails, and paws projected onto the human bodies of actors. The production cost totaled $95 million, and the cast includes household names such as Taylor Swift, Jason Derulo, Jennifer Hudson, and Idris Elba, but many viewers did not feel this money was used effectively. 

“Cats was a crime that the Geneva Convention forgot to outlaw,” Chris Haswell, sophomore, said.  

Although “Cats” has not risen to popularity for the usual points (a coherent storyline, catchy songs, or even good choreography and directing), the movie has been popularized for being a series of unfurtunate that every viewer can laugh about together. 

“It was a riveting film for cat lovers everywhere to enjoy human cats singing and dancing to dumpster fire songs,” Devin Varnadoe, junior, said.  

The origins of the movie came as an attempt to create an on-screen version of popular Broadway musical “Cats, which was the longest airing show in history. For fans of the musical, the movie fell flat. 

“The movie looks like a cash grab that can’t capture the emotions of the stage play,” Marla McCord, senior and fan of the Broadway show, said.  

Sure, the movie “Cats” had a claw-ful take at the box office and may have a Rotten Tomatoes score of 20%, but that does not mean it is not worth a viewer’s time. In today’s world, it is well worth the price of a movie ticket to have a good laugh and be a part of the internet’s latest inside joke.