Not so candid camera


It is a good hair day.  The lighting is in your favor, and your skin is cooperating. Time to take a selfie. While some may never get over the timeless selfie, others are sick of pointless posts clogging their feed. 

“I take them [selfies] to send to my beautiful girlfriend,” Cade Gantt, senior, said.  

There are different reasons for a selfie. Some girls take selfies to put on their Snapchat stories for people to slide up on.  Others may take a selfie with their friends, take one by themselves, or with a family pet.  

“Wellnormally my pup is always down for a good selfie, but no matter whatthey’re always cute,” Sadie Brooks, freshman, said.  

Selfies come in many different shapes and filters. A lot of people like to take selfies in specific lighting, such as “golden hour.” There are some common locations for the selfie, such as: car selfies and even morning selfies. Another trend with selfies is making posed faces including the “duck lips,” sticking out your tongue, and a soft smile.  

“When I take my selfies, I like to make a duck lip faceand it is one of my favorites,” Addie Szymanski, freshman, said.  

On popular apps like Snapchat, Instagram, and Facebook, there is an option to use face filters when using the front camera. People take advantage of this feature to add some extra pizzazz to their pictures. 

“I like to use filters on my selfies because they make me look better,” Julian Vaccaro, sophomore, said.  

While some like snapping a quick pic of themselves and posting it, others get annoyed. Some do not care to see pictures of just people’s faces but rather a post about their most recent trip or a personal accomplishment. 

“It [seeing selfies in my feed] makes me think that they are just posting to impress people and get encouraging comments,” Campbell Munsey, freshman, said.  

While selfies are not as popular as they once were, many still take them as a joke, to get a good group picture in, or just for the entertaining filters.