Fashion blast from the past


From Birkenstocks to boy bands, and even scrunchies, some of the most popular trends of the early 2000s have resurfaced recently and unexpectedly. Many teens do not even know that what they are wearing  today was a trend years ago.  

“I think it’s cool that some trends are making a comeback and that teens now enjoy these old trends,” Addie Szymanski, freshman, said.  

A popular shoe trend has made a rebound for girls, and even some boys. Birkenstocks, a common shoe choice of the late 1990s and 2000s, has always been a popular choice with older generations, but it is now a hot seller with today’s teens. The brand Birkenstock, has created many new shoes varying in color and material.  

“I’m glad that Birkenstocks have come back. They are one of my favorite shoes to wear,” Caroline Kapcsos, sophomore, said. 

Another eye-opening return of the 2000s is the famous boy band, the Jonas Brothers. The Jonas Brothers started their band in 2005 and broke up in 2013. The boys announced that their band is back and released their new song “Sucker” this February along with “Cool” in April.  Click here to read more about the Jonas Brothers.

“I freaked out when they came back because they were a group I grew up listening to, and it’s amazing that they’re back,” Amelia Ryan, freshman, said.  

The 80s was all about hairstyles, and the scrunchy, a popular hair accessory during that period, has made its return. Walking through Etowah’s campus, many students are sporting scrunchies on their wrists or in their hair.  

“Scrunchies are great to add to your outfit, either in your hair or on your wrist. They add a better touch,” Hallie Albright, junior, said. 

As fashion travels through the decades and new trends arise, inspiration from previous years often come back into style. In 20 years, students could still be wearing the same items that their parents wore in high school.