The 2019 finale

The sun begins to set; Nerf pipes are being polished, and two teams stand only a few feet apart, holding their defense firmly in their hands, preparing for the battle ahead.

March 22 2019 The Southern Doobies and The Yeah Babies were reloading and gearing up for the last shootout in this year’s Nerf season. After an intense final round, The Yeah Babies took the win and the $160 prize for a second consecutive year, ending Etowah’s 2019 Nerf season and sparking the preparations for next year.

“Nerf this season has been a lot different than the last seasons, as people have been way more into it,” Zach Meyers, senior, said.

The Yeah Babies team consisted of seniors Nick Block, Tyler Freas, Parker Moore, Bryant Madden, and Cade Gantt.

“I was feeling pretty confident and knew we were going to win.  After the win, I was really excited and felt good knowing we were the best Nerf team out there,” Tyler Freas, senior, said.

The night consisted of a two-on-two and a final one-on-one, best out of five match between the two teams. The Yeah Babies won again this year ending their final months at Etowah with a victory.

“It felt great winning Nerf because we won it last year, too,” Cade Gantt, senior, said.

This season, new rules and regulations made playing unique compared to other seasons. Not only were crowds larger, but a new “execution” penalty was implemented. If players were caught lying in Nerf, they had to remove their shirts and let other players pelt them with the foam bullets. An additional commissioner was added, totaling to three rather than two as in prior years.

“It’s fun having to chase after people and having something to do other than just school and work,” Kayden Lewis, junior, said.

As preparations for next year start, RJ Head, Dalton Miller, and Dean O’Brien are taking over as  the newest commissioners.

“I am going to try to make sure all platforms of Nerf are fair,” Dalton Miller, junior,said.

This season might be over, but with next school year right around the corner, there is no time for a break. Get the ammo, friends, and gear up for Nerf 2020.