Final (pause) exams


Are you kidding me? I need a 99 on my exam to get an A in the class? So much for a perfect GPA. With the exception of that one genius kid who would have to get a score in the negatives in order to drop his or her grade by a letter, almost everyone else is stressed. Others do not care, but for most, finals week is hectic. But wait, now the schedule is different?

“I feel that the [new] schedule is a bit confusing, but definitely beneficial for students to have two more days of studying,” Kylie Jones, sophomore, said.

This year, the first two exams are on Thursday, May 23, and Friday, May 24. The next exams are on the following Tuesday and Wednesday because Monday is Memorial Day. This is the first time in years that students will be going to school after Memorial Day. For some, the weekend between makes finals week seem to stretch much longer. For others, the added days gives students extra time to study.

“I think it’s a great idea. Finals are stressful for most students, so having a break could help relieve some of the stress while adding on to the amount of time students get for studying,” Ivy McKinney, freshman, said.

For seniors, the new schedule does not mean much to them. Seniors are taking their exams May 17-22, so they have more time to prepare for graduation.

“The new finals time doesn’t affect me, and I feel is actually beneficial because it gives seniors that time to get ready mentally and physically for that final hurdle of the actual graduation ceremony,” Sebastian Piatt, senior, said.

Despite your opinions on the new schedule, do not panic. Finish strong, and if the grade calculator says you need a 128 on your exam to get the grade you want, there is always next year.