A night to remember


Luxury limousines, party buses, Ubers, and even the family SUV packed Peachtree Street as prom goers pulled up to the Fox Theatre, Saturday, April 20. Students walked the red carpet to the Egyptian ballroom for a night many will never forget. Not even chilly temperatures and gloomy drizzle could dampen the spirits of Etowah students.

“The weather was a little rainy, but the white rain clouds made for great lighting so there was not any bad shadows. So in the end, it ended up good,” Julia Garab, junior, said. 

As befitting ancient Egypt, “A Night on the Nile,” was the perfect theme for the venue. The ballroom was filled with Egyptian decor, including flaming sconces, sarcophagi, and a giant Sphinx adding to the ambience.

“The decor looked super good. It was super festive for the theme: ‘A Night on the Nile.’ We were actually in the Egyptian ballroom, and there were projections of super fun Egyptian things, which made me feel like we were in a tomb,” Lilly Zamorano, senior, said.

Etowah’s 2019 Prom King and Queen, seniors Warren Helms and Tori Ridgeway, took home the crowns.

“Hearing everyone chanting my name and getting the crown was quite possibly the most pride and joy I’ve felt in my life. I want to thank everyone who got me to this point,” Helms said.

As the night went on, students began to get annoyed with the DJ. He played several fan favorites but would cut the songs off right at the “good part,” and played old songs leaving students upset and irritated.

“The DJ was not that great because he played old songs,” Sam Nash, sophomore, said.

Several senior boys decided to make their prom more memorable with unique suits. Tate Frames, Jaxon Etter, Drew Kerrigan, and Bryant Madden spiced things by wearing suits with designs from animal print to snowflakes.

“The wacky suits were really cool, and I don’t regret wearing them because we wanted to go out in style,” Frames said.

Along with Etowah’s Prom, The Fox simultaneously hosted a rap concert featuring Big Boi.

“It was funny watching the people going to the concert be confused when they saw us get off our party bus in prom dresses and tuxes,” Olivia Podstata, senior, said.

Unlike proms at other schools, Etowah’s prom only served dessert. Students and guests munched on brownies, cake pops, and rice crispies treats before heading back to the dance floor. Due to the rap concert also being held at The Fox, a strong scent of cannabis drifted throughout the venue all night.

“A lot of people said that the dessert room smelled like weed,” Ethan Ritchie, junior, said.

Some say Prom is the most important and exciting day of the school year, and many agreed after Saturday night. After months of planning and preparing, students say it was a success.

“[Prom was] definitely a great memory I will never forget,” Grayson Riggs, junior, said.