Pomp and circumstance


While everyone may be dreaming of the start of summer, many seniors are looking forward to another big event: graduation. After months of battling senioritis, the class of 2019 is only one more month away from finally receiving their diplomas. Whether one will be attending graduation as a supporter or as a graduating seniorstudents and parents need to know the details. 

Etowah’s graduation will be held at First Baptist Church of Woodstock on Friday, May 31, and will begin at 4:00 p.m. The event is free for everyone. However, since there is no set number of guests that a graduate can invite, seating is limited, so it is recommended to get there early enough to snag a spot. 

Before the actual date, seniors have some preparations they must make to ensure that graduation runs smoothly. First, and perhaps most importantly, seniors need to pick up their cap and gowns in the New Gym on April 25 from 3:30 until 6:30. Senior yard signs are also available for pick up here. Before receiving these items, students must complete their senior surveys. 

No matter how hectic preparations are, graduation can be both an exciting and nostalgic moment for many students, and the pride that comes from concluding one step of life and moving on to the next is well worth it.