Spins, twists, and flying colors


Flags fly through the air, the colors twisting and turning as eager hands reach to catch them. The music is on, and it is time for the spins and turns.  Auditions are over, but the color guard practice will begin the first week of May before the team heads to band camp.

”Color guard is very time consuming and takes a lot of work. We medalled last year with championships with second place and couldn’t be happier. I am so proud of how my team has improved, and I can’t wait to see what’s ahead of us in the future,’’ Ciara Grace Caspersan, sophomore, said.

Students auditioned for the fall color guard on the week after spring break. During this time, the students practiced the basics, including simple tosses and skills for flag and dance. Students had to learn a one-minute routine and perform it in small groups.

“Color guard tryouts can be stressful the first couple days; however, the coaches are there to help ease the pressure of being perfect. They taught us to be accepting of ourselves and others. Color guard is very exciting, and being able to perform is a thrilling experience,” Meagan Nocheherly, freshman, said.

Students were judged on their overall effort and willingness to try new moves, not only the ones performed in front of the coaches at the end of the week. Rising 9th graders and up were welcome to come and demonstrate their skills.

“No experience is needed to tryout, but a good work ethic and confidence is key throughout the week of auditions. I love how guard is open to everyone because it allows me to meet new people who eventually become my best friends and my teammates,’’ Sarah Oburu, sophomore, said.

Color guard announcements were made on the following Sunday night, and the students are now a part of something at Etowah that contributes to the overall school spirit. For those who want to see the color guard perform, look for them at Friday night football games performing with the marching band.