Breaking out the plans


The week is almost over. Students flee down hallways, hair flying and papers falling. Teachers are trying to cram tests, while students try tfigure out plans for break. While not all students have the luxury of going on trips, they still try to make the best of their staycations or vacations.  

“During spring break, I take one of my friends, and we go on a cruise together,” Kimberly Pope, freshman, said.  

Instead of waking up early, students can roll out of bed and eat junk food while bingewatching Netflix in their pajamas. This relaxation time gives students a chance to get their schedules back on track before exams hit in April.  

“When I’m not at school, I go to work, so I don’t usually get that luxury, but whenever I have the chance, I stay in bed until like 5 p.m.,” Kiana Walker, sophomore, said. 

After sleeping in way too late and having a non-optimistic talk with oneself in the mirror, students can grab a bite to eat at the newly opened McAlister’s down the road from Etowah. They could even invite some friends over who are just as bored.  For those who need something to do, many students help around the community or go on trips with their churches. For example, Grace Church takes high school students to Cuba, New York, and other places. 

“Typically, I go on mission trips to countries with a group of high schoolers from my church. This break, I’m going to Nepal for a week and a half to hike the Himalayas and talk with the village people there,” Kylie Geist, junior, said. 

For those who are not going anywhere over spring break, feel free to live vicariously through characters from classic movies such as “Spring Breakers” or “Spring Breakdown.” Both movies tell the tales of a group of girls who get into a bit of trouble while vacationing.  

“I love to watch movies over spring break, yet I don’t think I have watched a spring break movie, though,” Kui Ikuru, senior, said. 

Try not to have too much fun over break.