To rally or not to rally?

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McKenna Guinn

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Dear Etowah…
September 3, 2019
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To rally or not to rally?

Attention all Etowah students! This Friday’s pep rally is not what it seems. You will not have to sit through the sports teams parading around the gym. Instead, presented before you will be your teachers and fellow classmates supporting a good cause.  

   This week’s pep rally is being held to support sophomore Anderson Sisk who is being granted a WWE dream through the Dream on 3 organization. To attract the student body, Eagle Connection centered the rally around a student-teacher basketball game. Although the rally benefits a fellow peer, it is unfortunately timed. 

   Although celebrating a deserving classmate, tacking the words “pep rally” to it, immediately causes students to run and hide especially being the Friday before spring break when students plan to check out early. 

     On top of the timing, the pep rally costs money to enter; since it is during the school day, are students willing to pay to get in? Granted, without the $2 entrance fee, the event would not support Sisk and his mission financially; however, if there is a fee, maybe the pep rally should be held after school hours due to the fact that some students are not able to come up with the cash or simply do not want to. 

   Overall, in my opinion, this is for an amazing cause, and I fully support Dream on 3 and what it is willing to do for the children and teens in the community, but unfortunately when the school calls it a pep rally, students tend to choose not to participate.  

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