Window to the world


Globe-trotting students looking for adventure need look no further than Etowah. For the first time, students will be taking a trip to Asia to learn about travel journalism. From flying overseas to experiencing new cultures, this excursion will bring many everlasting memories.  

While abroad, students will be exploring Thailand, Cambodia, and Vietnam in early June of 2020. Opal Mason, the trip’s advisor, is most looking forward to visiting the Bayon Temple in Cambodia or the Viet Cong’s tunnel system in Ben Duoc, Vietnam. 

“I am hoping students will walk away from this trip with self-awareness. Leaving the Western worldview behind and gaining the perspective of history and experiencing Eastern culture will give these students a strong global perspective that will challenge how they receive information,” Mason said. 

Activities planned for the 11-day tour include visiting popular tourist attractions such as museums, memorials, and historic sites. Each day students will keep a journal of what they did and learned that day. One of the focal points is the importance of foreign culture. Students will be traveling to many different cultural sites in cities such as Ho Chi Minh and Siem Reap. 

There are so many ancient historical sites from the 12th and 13th century that I cannot wait to see, but I am also incredibly intrigued by more contemporary historical sites as well, considering my exposure to these events that America has played a large role in is limited,” Mason, said. 

Traveling with Etowah on this trip is much more affordable than if students were going to travel alone. The trip will cost approximately $4100. Going separately can cost almost as much for the flight itself. 

For more information, contact Mason or visit the website for extended information about the trip.