Dream it; celebrate it

Picture a day filled with Simon Cowell balloons, video games, rubber ducks, and anything else imaginable. March. 26 “Make Up Your Own Holiday” Day,  gives everyone the opportunity to use the day to celebrate whatever, however, and with whomever they desire.

“If I could make up my own holiday, I would do a backwards day where people can walk, talk, and wear their clothes backwards,” Anna Frix, sophomore, said.

Some may use this day to celebrate something personal, like a family member. Others might create a day centered around a simpler concept, such as themselves, a movie, song, or a place. The creativity is limitless. The day can be filled with presents, elephants, or exams. Anything fantasized can be created. Planning can take days or minutes, and  everything is up to the creator.

“The holiday is different, original, and exciting. It lets me be creative with my time,” Jacob Hite, freshman, said.

The website Wellcat Holidays., where two brothers established this holiday, provides a “list of more than 80 reasons to celebrate life.”

“I think the creators of this holiday allowed people a day to celebrate something important in their lives,” Megin Bailey, senior, said.

On this unique day, students should take advantage of the opportunity to create their own holiday that can relate to their own personal style. Whether the day is filled with adventures or periods of relaxation, make this holiday something to celebrate.