Oh, the places you will go


Picture from @cgantt31

The year was 2006. Your elementary school teacher walked you out of your classroom. You had no idea what was going on. All of the sudden, a herd of what seemed like 10 foot tall seniors marched down the hallway. It was the Etowah graduating class of 2006 flooding their old elementary schools and filling their former teachers’ eyes with tears. You wanted nothing more than to be as cool and grown up as the “big kids.”

It feels like yesterday that today’s seniors were in kindergarten “walking second tile with a smile.” It is difficult to believe that in two months, they will be walking across the stage to receive their diplomas and start the next chapter of their lives. Etowah seniors are excited to embark on their journey after high school.

Mollie Deane is attending the University of Georgia and has not fully decided what she wants to major in, but she will start out with a business degree. Deane has Zell Miller which will pay for all of her tutiton. After college, she hopes to get a job in a hospital with some sort of business job.

“It’s [UGA] also closer to home, and I will be able to come out of college debt free,” Deane said.

Tanner Schonberger is excited to attend Georgia College and State University. Schonberger chose this college because it is a medium-sized college that provides a good education and feels like home to him. He plans to major in management or marketing.

“After college I will then search for a job to then boost my career and become very successful,” Schonberger said.

Conor Bowen is heading to the University of Florida. Bowen plans on majoring in athletic training and exercise science. After he graduates, he would like to attend medical school and get his doctorate in physical therapy.

“I chose UF because it feels like a second home to me. I have only visited it once but I knew that was the place for me,” Bowen said.

Katherine Tilton will be attending Savannah College of Art and Design (SCAD) in Atlanta this fall. She wants to major in fashion design or fashion merchandising. Tilton is not yet sure where her college journey will lead her, but she dreams of working in New York’s fashion industry.

“SCAD is entirely devoted to the arts and creativity, and I couldn’t picture myself doing anything but that,” Tilton said.

Ryan Crook is attending Kennesaw State University and plans to major in business and minor in psychology. After college, Crook plans to start his own business and fight professionally.

“It’s close, and I can continue to train at Striker Fight Center and 10th Planet Atlanta,” Crook said.

Two and a half months. Nine weeks. Sixty-six days before the class of 2019 kindles the dreams of the class of 2031.