Tale as old as time


Music resonates around the room, and dancers fill the stage with perfectly choreographed moves, bringing the story to life. This April, the well-known characters from an age-old story are coming to Etowah for the drama department’s performance of “Beauty and the Beast.”

“It’s [‘Beauty and the Beast’] a show I’ve wanted to do forever, and I felt like we were at a good place where we could do it, and we could build it,” Charlotte Forrest, drama teacher, said.

Although the story is familiar to most students, there are some parts of the musical that will be different. For example, there are songs in the play that are not in the movie. The audience will have to wait to see what these unique components of the play are.

“I can’t wait to see kids in the audience, [and] how they react,” Forrest said.

Although auditions were held months ago, many of the actors and actresses have been anticipating the play even longer. With so many songs, it took dedication and determination for the cast to learn all the dances and lyrics.

“I have grown a lot with my dancing and have had to step outside of my comfort zone to improve my dance skills,” Ansley Melnick, sophomore ensemble cast member, said.

For seniors, this will be their last play. While many are sad to be leaving, they are also excited for new freshmen to come in. Some hope to see realize a future in acting.

“I would love to go into a career with acting one day because it’s honestly my passion in life, and I would love to pursue it in life,” Sebastian Piatt, senior who plays Gaston, said.

The team has worked tirelessly to prepare for the play and will continue making final touches up to the opening curtain. There are only a few weeks left before their first performance. Be sure to see the show and support the drama department April 10-13. To order tickets online, click here.