Connecting with school spirit

Connecting with school spirit

School spirit: teen movies and pop culture love to hate it. Who would want to cheer on their school anyway? One Etowah club is making its mission to be the hype club heroes that the student body needs. 

“I love this club [Eagle Connection], and I think it’s the best thing we have. You get to do everything around the school and get involved with everything that is going on. It’s a fun way to interact with people while making your year at Etowah worth it,” Keaton Taylor, senior, said. 

Amanda Massey and Victoria Carter, club supervisors, require that members meet specific quotas for participation to help grow and maximize the impact all Eagle Connection members have. To make sure that all students are doing their part for the club, they have created a point system for the club members to keep track of. The point system goes towards their access passes that are earned by benefiting the club. The more points they have, the more discounts they gain. The access passes are where the points and discounts can be found and proven. 

“At the end of the semester, if you have enough points you can earn a chord for graduation and keep your pass, but if you don’t reach the certain amount you get your pass taken and are not involved in the club anymore,” Carson Reeder, sophomore, said. 

Eagle Connection was formed as a way to rally school spirit and foster a sense of community through student-led initiatives. 

“High school is meant to be fun. These are the glory days. Growing up is a trap, so why not enjoy it while you can?” Massey said. 

For their first year as a club, Eagle Connection has hung up pictures around the campus, organized pep rallies, attended all sports games, and created school themes for games or spirit weeks on Eagle Mountain. Some students are mentioning wanting to be a part of this new club next school year because of the huge success it has had this year.  

“Eagle Connection seems very fun and interactive with the school. This year they have impacted the school spirit so much that I am wanting to sign up to be a part of it next year,” Brittany Miller, sophomore, said. 

Eagle Connection is planning on growing its positive impact on the school more each year. Those looking to become a part of this experience should listen to morning announcements for information to sign up.