The Bros are back

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Alyssa Pearson

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The Bros are back

It has been a long time coming.  Extremely long.  More than 2,000 days—2,192, to be exact—since Jonas Brothers’ fans have had reason to celebrate.  Earlier this month, the iconic trio reunited.  The brothers announced their reunion on March 1. 

“The Jonas Brothers, a great addition to my childhood life. I have loved them since I was a little child and became filled with nostalgia when they made their return,” Tyjuane Albright, senior, said. 

Rumors of the reunion started in January 2018 after the Jonas Brothers Instagram started back up after almost six years of no activity. Approximately one year after the reactivation of their Instagram, they posted a picture captioned “Family Reunion.” The band later announced they were getting back together in a recent episode of James Corden’s “Late Late Night Show” in Carpool Karaoke. 

“Since the first commercial of ‘Year 3000’ on Disney Channel, I have loved the Jonas Brothers. This reunion excited me so much. I have already been saving for tickets if there is a tour,” Abby Allen, sophomore, said. 

With the unexpected news that the Jonas Brothers were getting back together on Feb. 28, teens everywhere stayed up late to listen to the band’s newest song “Sucker.” The music video featured the boys and their significant others. 

“I stayed up until about 2 a.m. listening to it [‘Sucker’] and doing my homework,” Sydney McCready, junior, said. 

“Sucker” became popular almost immediately. Teens worldwide started posting on their Instagram and Snapchat stories to show their excitement about the new song.  A day after the song released, it became #1 on YouTube Trending and currently has 53 million views. The Jonas Brothers new Instagram has over two million followers, and the new song has a 4 ½ star rating on iTunes Music. 

“It’s a really catchy song, and I find myself listening to it often,” Alexa Thaggard, freshman, said. 

With the Jonas Brothers growing in popularity, it appears many people are a “Sucker” for this new single.