ReLAX, it is lacrosse season


April showers bring practices in the rain, muddy cleats, and dirty sticks for Etowah’s lacrosse teams. Ready to fight through the fluctuating spring weather, this year’s teams are not afraid to sacrifice for the win, and they already have. 

One month in to the season, the boys’ team has won every game, but the girls’ team has yet to win. As the season continues, both teams plan to practice more and work together as a team.  

“I look forward to going to practice every day; that’s probably my favorite part of the day, is working with them,’’ Mike Cintineo, boys’ varsity coach, said.  

Practices have begun, and the coaches are teaching players valuable lessons they can apply on and off the field. Both coaches are focused on how players act in their day-to-day lives.  

“I want them [the players] to learn that working together and achieving something through hard work and dedication is a great and awesome thingand nobody will ever take that away from you,” Cintineo said.  

While walking past the football field after school, students are likely to see both teams practicing. Coaches are training their players to work on new drills and get better at techniques they can use during games.  

“Some of our drills consist of jogging and stretching a lot; then we typically do some live game drills; next, we practice passing and catching ground balls,” Collin Sherrer, freshman lacrosse player, said.  

On every teamthere is always room for improvement, and that is the focus for this year’s Etowah lacrosse teams.   

“Almost all of our team is new players, so I think that we should just keep improving,” Amanda Buchheit, sophomore lacrosse player, said.   

Come out and support the Etowah Eagles lacrosse teams this week.  Click here to access their schedule.