YouTube’s queen


“Hey, what’s up you guys? Yes!” This iconic opening came back this year when YouTuber Shane Dawson posted his first video in four months after his Jake Paul documentary series. Dawson posted a two-part conspiracy theory video leaving fans on the edge of their seats.

“Although I do not believe in Shane Dawson’s conspiracy theories, I do watch them to see how other people think because that is the most interesting thing in the world,” RJ Rea, sophomore, said.

Dawson is commonly known for his conspiracy and horror-themed videos. These videos contain popular theories of modern and older topics from Looney Tunes to the California fires. Dawson has also gained popularity from his documentaries on YouTube pop culture icons such as Jake Paul, Jeffree Star, and grav3yardgirl.

“I wasn’t a fan that he [Dawson] didn’t post for four months, but his new series is really good. His conspiracy videos are always his best,” Morgan Calderon, freshman, said.

Four days after his latest video, Dawson announced on Twitter that part two of the conspiracy series was going to be delayed, so Dawson and Andrew Siwicki, his cameraman and friend, could add more on the already lengthy upload. Dawson also tweeted that part two of his new series will be his last video for a couple months; this will lead to another long break with no content.  

“I am sure his subscribers will understand. Although he is taking long breaks, he is creating content that is long and well thought out, which people love,” Abby Higgs, sophomore, said.

Dawson has received both support and hate for this decision. While some fans understand how he feels, some see the negative perspectives, such a loss of subscribers and a lack of motivation, that could soon lead to the end of Shane Dawson’s channel.

“If he keeps taking long breaks people are going to stop watching his videos because of all the time he takes to upload,” Kimberly Pope, freshman, said.  

Since his first video in 2005, Dawson has reached over 20 million subscribers. Although he is one of the longest lasting Youtubers still posting, Dawson’s progress continues to  grow with each new video he created.