Take a break

Garrett Estes

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Take a break

With the new year, came  new classes for some and new homework for all.  Next week, Etowah students will have time to take a rest from school during February break, which is scheduled from the 18th to the 22nd.

Faculty and students cherish the week, as last year’s break was cut short by three days due to severe weather. The recent letter Cherokee County released states all students, teachers, and staff will receive their full break.

“I’m going to be heading up north to see family and I’ll be exploring the big city,” Marshall Derance, junior, said.

A weeklong break gives students the opportunity to travel to places that ordinary weekends do not allow or extend their normal trip.

“I am going on a cruise with my family and a couple family friends.  We are going on a cruise to the Bahamas ,” William Brenneman, freshman, said.

Others see this time as the perfect staycation.  The free week is good for sitting around the house, hitting the town, or catching up on work. 

“[I am] volunteering at animal shelters,” Jordyn Bronner, junior, said.  

Whether this vacation will be hot or frigid, students will have time to take a break from the stress of their average school week.