Cracking the world record

On Jan. 4, people worldwide scrambled to their Instagram’s all to like a picture of an egg. Chris Godfrey crushed pop culture and broke the world record for the most Instagram likes on a single post. Just around 10 days later, Godfrey broke the record with over 45 million likes above Kylie Jenner who previously held the record with 18 million likes on a picture of with her newborn daughter.  

“I liked it before it beat the record likes, so I’m just simply better than a good portion of the population,” Max Woolford, sophomore, said.

Like many other pop culture icons of this time, Godfrey has taken his power and popularity on the internet to spread awareness and help others. Godfrey uploaded a video of the egg cracking under the pressure of social media. The egg then encourages others to speak up and talk to someone if they are struggling.  

“The fact that he [Godfrey]  is using his social media fame to try and help everyone around the globe is amazing,” Molly Schutz, freshman said.

Since getting the world record, Godfrey still continues to promote the egg. Being continuously active, Godfrey now sells merchandise such as t-shirts and hats, and posts updates almost daily on his Instagram story.

“The egg has inspired many people to speak up about their problems which is something many don’t do on social media,” Tracey Obasi, junior said.

The egg continues to egg-spire many people through its uplifting messages posted on its online Instagram story and egg-cellent puns along the way.