In 500 feet, learn how to drive your stupid car

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Madeline Fisher

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May 13, 2019
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In 500 feet, learn how to drive your stupid car

Everyone is guilty of screaming, “Learn how to drive your car!” to another driver, but if we all say that, then who really knows how to drive? We all think we know how to drive, and everyone around us does not know the rules of the road. Well, let us clear the air. Let us set the record straight. Let us make it right. (Or was I supposed to turn left? *Recalculating* “Dang it!”) 

You know what makes me mad? When people behind me have to speed past me just to get in front of me. I am fine if you feel the need to get in front of me, but what really grinds my gears is when drivers do not use their turn signals when doing this. If you have the guts to cause this whole scene, jerking yourself into the other lane, revving your engine as you speed pass me, and cutting me off, at least have the decency to use your blinker. It comes with the car! 

This seems to be an ongoing debate: stopping at yield signs. According to, the word “yield” means to “let other road users go first.” NOWHERE IN THAT DEFINITION DOES IT SAY COME TO A COMPLETE STOP EVEN IF NO ONE IS COMING. This is how wrecks happen, people. Busy intersections can be overwhelming, and it is better to be safe than sorry. Newsflash! The person behind you is not always paying attention. The sad reality of driving is you are not only driving for yourself; you are driving for the people around you.  

And another thing, you are not slick. If your eyes are glancing downwards, we are not assuming that you are trying to figure out what that mysterious button does (we all have that button), we know you are on your phone. Recently, Georgia has passed the “Hands Free” law stating that no one operating a motor vehicle is to even touch a phone, yet here we are. How many times do I need to honk my horn to notify the person in front of me to pay attention and go? Get off your phone, and drive your car.  

No one is the perfect driver, but it does not hurt to aim to be. The rules of the road are self-explanatory, but I guess we all need a refresher now and then. For more information on how to drive a car, Google it. The information is literally everywhere.  

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