Kicking off the season


Teammates lace up their cleats. Sweat builds, and anticipation rises. The whistle blows. “The beautiful game” has officially begun. Etowah’s soccer teams have already begun their season with three of the four teams having already played their first games.  

“I’m super excited for the season because we have a lot of talent and a lot of depth on the bench, so we are going to go very far this season,” Lindsey Alexander, girls’ varsity coach, said. 

This season, Etowah teams have talent not only within the starting lineup, but on all parts on the team. Students can expect new teammates on both JV and varsity teams.  

“With all the new faces on have this year’s JV team, it will give JV a chance to redeem themselves from last year. There is a lot of new talent,” Landon Etzler, sophomore, said. 

Both girls’ and boys’ teams have set high expectations. Last season, the girls finished fourth in the region. A common goal for this coming season is winning state. 

“I really want both our boys’ and girls’ teams to win all our region games and make it further than we’ve ever gone in playoffs,” Kui Ikuru, senior, said. 

Players are not the only ones excited for the season. Etowah students are also looking forward to the games. 

“I’m excited for the pep rallies and watching the games,” Campbell Munsey, freshman, said. 

The boys’ and girls’ Varsity Eagles head to Macon Feb. 7-9 for a statewide tournament.