Senior surprise

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Holly Kate O’Brien

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August 22, 2019
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Senior surprise

As graduation is approaching, seniors are starting to think about what they want to leave behind at Etowah. Some want to leave their legacy; some want to leave a gift, and some just want to leave. This year’s senior gift is yet to be determined by Etowah’s student government, but some students have speculations about what it may be.

“We are in the works of creating our senior gift, but we are not able to announce it to the school yet because we want it to be 100% confirmed before we get the student body’s hopes up,” Caroline Booth, student body co-president, said.

Students are starting to predict what the gift might be. Some think it could be paving over the grass area in front of Etowah East, while others think it could be a bench.

“I think the gift is going to be something that everyone can see and shows resemblance of our graduating class, so people will remember the class of ‘19,” Cade Gantt, senior, said.

While some seniors may have predictions, others have no idea what the gift will be.

“I honestly have no clue [what the senior gift could be],” Bryant Madden, senior, said.

The student government pays for and chooses the senior class gift. Last year’s student government placed picnic tables in the front of the football stadium for the Class of 2018’s gift.

“I enjoy senior gifts because it’s a way to pass on the legacy to future Eagles as they come to Etowah,” Keaton Taylor, senior, said.

Etowah students and staff are waiting to see what the class of 2019 will leave behind.

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