‘Leaving a lasting legacy’

Senior Jaxon Etter, Etowah Varsity basketball point guard, hit a milestone last month reaching more than 1,000 career points. While 1,000 career points is a goal in the life of any young athlete, most do not reach it until college or later depending on the position of play and sport.  

“I didn’t think it was that big of a deal; I was more concerned with winning rather than personal achievements,” Etter said.

On Dec. 15, Etter reached 1,000 career points while playing against West Forsyth. Since then, Etter has not stopped scoring. Last week, in Etowah’s game against Roswell, Etter scored 26 points adding to his growing career point score.

“I didn’t think I was going to reach it  [1,000 career points] at all. I was always more of a role player/point guard growing up, so I never scored many points. That changed when I became a sophomore, and I realized I needed to score to let the team win,” Etter said.

Etter is one of only 10 Etowah students to reach 1,000 points in the school’s history. The last was in the 2013-14 school year when both Destin Porche and Jack Shaughnessy met the mark. Etter’s drive to win helped Etowah move up the ranks.

“My motivation has always been to put Etowah basketball on the map. We have always been known as a football powerhouse, so putting basketball up there would accomplish my goal of leaving a lasting legacy for Etowah basketball,”  Etter said.

Since Etter started on varsity his sophomore year, the Eagles won their first two 7A Regional Championship titles. Etter has helped himself and his team win by embracing critique delivered by fans, coaches and teammates.

“I would tell younger players not to take criticism personally. Use it to fuel to get better because you’ll face criticism all your life,” Etter said.

Helping the team through the end of the season, Etter will leave Etowah with a legacy of his own. His selflessness and determination that led him to this achievement will help him through the rest of his life.