Not so fond farewell


The past year was one full of good, bad, cringe, and even some beauty. From starting the year with Logan Paul’s problematic Japan video to ending it with some of the biggest Christmas flexes of all time, 2018 had many new trends, but that does not mean they should last. 

For starters, Fortnite. I know you know what that is since your boyfriend probably hid for weeks at a time and did not return your texts because he was busy grinding out Victory Royales with his bros. We have all been there. Let me clarify that I have nothing against the game itself; I think it is perfectly enjoyable. However, the dancing must come to an end. Gone are the classic dance moves such as “The Sprinkler” and “The Shopping Cart,” and instead, kids have replaced them with Fortnite dances like “Flossing” or “Taking the L.” It is a disgrace to grown children around the world.  

There is also a YouTube star who should most definitely stay in 2018: Jake Paul. You have probably seen him in the headlines for igniting controversy, and that is exactly why he should remain in the past. Paul tends to overcompensate for his lack of creativity by yelling into cameras and creating cringe-inducing content for his fans. And do not think I forgot about you, Logan Paul. Keep your 2010 Justin Bieber haircut far away from 2019. 

Fashion also experienced its fair share of pitfalls in 2018. The Kardashians. Bella Hadid. Emily Ratajkowski. Each of these celebrities has been spotted flexing in the streets while wearing a pair of biker shorts. However, they are not the $5 pairs that a broke high schooler can find at H&M; they most likely cost hundreds of dollars and come with a brand name like Yeezy. Even for all that money, they are not cute. There, I said it. 

As for music, 2018 had some bops and some flops. You have probably been hearing one song in particular for weeks, maybe even months, on end. What once seemed so harmless and sweet has become so, so, annoying. Baby, mommy, daddy, grandma, and grandpa haunt your mind with their “doo, doo, doos.” I hate to say it, but the “Baby Shark” song has got to go. 

Even though I already mentioned the Paul Brothers, there is another movement on YouTube that needs to be stopped: ASMR (Autonomous Sensory Meridian Response). I never thought I would live to see the day where I could watch a video of someone “eating an ear” for views, but here we are my friends. I have seen people smash food into their faces, eat pickles for thirty minutes, and whisper into their headphones, and each video seems to get more disturbing. YouTube in 2019 needs to stay ASMR-free.  

Although I just poked fun at popular trends in 2018, it was a year that many people actually enjoyed. I hope 2019 holds good things for the students of Etowah as well as some fun and fresh content.