Rocking Eagle


Suspenseful silence. The crowd waits. Bright lights. Excitement builds. Murmurs escalate. The crowd erupts as the band takes the stage. This is the reality for one Etowah student as he prepares for his future in the jazz music industry by touring cross country with his band “School of Rock.”

Freshman saxophonist, Aidan McGowan’s dream is being a member of a jazz band in New York City.

His current band performs approximately 50 times a year and plays locally at venues like MadLife in Woodstock and City Winery in Atlanta. The “School of Rock” performed in Salt Lake City while they were on tour over the summer.

“I can’t wait to tour again next year and expand my musical résumé,” McGowan said.

McGowan is a member of the advanced band at Etowah, but he prefers his own band over Etowah’s because he believes the school’s music does not challenge him as much. McGowan enjoys choosing his own music and performing often in front of large crowds.

“We get to express ourselves more in School of Rock,” McGowan said.

Being in his own band has helped McGowan’s musical journey in many ways. It has prepared him for his future career by teaching him how to perform in front of a crowd and has given him the opportunity to be creative with his music.

“I have definitely learned how to be in a band setting,” McGowan said.

McGowan’s band has more freedom in the songs it plays, unlike the members of Etowah’s band.  There are too many students in Etowah’s band to give him this opportunity.

“[At Etowah] I don’t have much of a voice influencing change,” McGowan said.

McGowan’s talents will be shown off when he plays withthe “School of Rock” at MadLife in Woodstock on Dec. 9. and Dec. 16.