Books and podcasts to spice up your break


With winter break only a few days away, students have over two weeks of free time to relax and take some time off from schoolwork. With an ample amount of time on their hands, students can settle down with a good book or listen to a podcast without worrying about deadlines. 

Although many students nowadays are against reading, especially on their own time, many books out there are relevant and involve topics that are interesting to teenagers. For those interested in the supernatural, the Mara Dyer trilogy is sure to capture your attention from beginning to end. Michelle Hodkin takes her readers on a journey through the life of Mara Dyer, who is discovering that the things she thinks in her mind, no matter how awful they are, are slowly becoming a reality. 

Some may be interested in mystery, and many books have twist and turns that captivate their audiences. Woman in the Window by A.J. Finn. continues to reign as one of my favorite thrillers. In this novel, readers travel through the mind of an agoraphobic woman (Anna Fox) who believes she witnessed a crime occur in the house across the street. Full of suspenseful encounters and mounting evidence, Anna tries to prove that this crime really occurred not only to the police, but also to herself. 

Others enjoy escaping from reality and feeling like they can relate to some of their favorite stars. For those looking for a glimpse into a celebrity’s life, Tina Fey’s books Bossypants allows readers to see a side of her they may have never know, from her childhood dreams all the way up to how she earned her present day success. 

Many find themselves falling asleep trying to read books on their own, but podcasts are the perfect solution. Podcasts such as My Favorite Murder, hosted by comedians Karen Kilgariff and Georgia Hardstark, will keep you up for hours, binging their variety of episodes, each one talking about a different element of true crime. 

For those who do not want to risk the possibility of being too scared to sleep, David Dobrik and Jason Nash have the answer. Their podcast Views brings humor to everyday encounters, whether they be embarrassing or just plain weird, for their listeners to enjoy and hopefully get a laugh out of. 

Whether it be podcasts, books, or anything in between, students can enjoy hundreds of them during their two weeks off.