Uggs: Yea or nay?


In addition to other winter trends, a familiar brand of fuzzy boots has reappeared around school. Some students will never throw away the pair of Uggs they have had since sixth grade, while others could not wait to toss them into the garbage. 

Meg Lance, freshman, does not wear Uggs herself, but she does not have anything against the boots.  

“Some Uggs are cute, but some are not,” Lance said. 

Although Uggs are often mistaken to be a trend for only girls, some boys enjoy this shoe brand just as much. Colby Flaig, sophomore, thinks Uggs are great and worth the hype.  

“I wear moccasin Uggs all the time. They are so comfortable,” Flaig said. 

Maggie Messerly, junior, believes that it does not matter what the majority of Etowah thinks about the shoes as long as the owner likes them. 

“I like to wear Uggs because they are cute and comfortable, in my opinion. If you got ‘em flaunt ‘em,” Messerly said. 

Amanda Buchheit, sophomore, chooses to disagree with the majority She thinks this trend should have died off years ago. 

“I feel like they were cute in middle school and really popular, but they have become less popular. I think less people should wear them as they get older,” Buchheit said. 

Ugg boots have been the trendy winter shoe since the early 2000s, but is it time for them to finally die?